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Listener Stories

Here are a few of the stories we have received:

Herb - Spencer, MA

We enjoy your radio station very much. Your station does make a difference and we thank you for that! God Bless!

Maureen G - Oxford, Ma

I am a Christian and God showed me this radio station. I know a lot of the songs now. I heard one just this morning and it was saying how God is always there for us. Right on cue as if from God himself a dove flew by my car. I cried I was so happy. Thank you for your radio station!!!

Janine - Dudley, MA

I am so grateful for your radio station. I suffer from depression and anxiety. I found your radio station and I would be lost without it. I listen to you during the day and in the car all the time. I even listen to you before I go to bed and when I am sleeping. I wake up in the morning listening to you as well. You have made such a difference in my life, trying to find the positive in a very negative world. One song by 33 Miles--Jesus Calling played one morning when I was very sad. After I heard that song it gave me the strength to get up and do what I needed to do and go on. You guys are wonderful and thank you so much for what you do.

Stacy - Webster, MA

Last year, I sadly went through a divorce. Even through the roughest, worst days I would tune into The Q90.1 on my drive into work and listen and pray and even sometimes cry. The song that really gave me a lift was and still is Oceans (Where Feet May Fail). It calmed my fears and really helped me to keep on with each day, turning to Him and giving all my fears and sorrows to Him to heal, which He did!

Elijah - Dudley, MA

I am blessed to listen each morning on my drive into work. My family and I are happy to give to a ministry such as the one at the Q. We love the hearts of all the DJ's and the mission behind the station. God bless you during this Fall shareathon.

Melissa - Charlton, MA

Music has always been a great outlet for me from everyday stresses and I have grown up loving various genres of music especially the 80s. About 2 years ago, I started to put on your station while I did laundry and drove around the area. The music is catchy, meaningful, and is the only kind which appeals to my special needs children. I love it and rarely use another station! Thank you for giving us music that will uplift us and bring us closer to God!

Diane - Charlton, MA

We have been listening to your station and LOVE IT! Thank you and God bless you and all you do for the community!

Christine - Worcester, MA

I recently lost a my closest friend. The days have been challenging to say the least. While I m great at helping others I'm not so good at asking for help, but always go to to our Father!! Struggling with the emotions God reminded me His Grace is renewed and restored each day and my strength is in the Joy of the Lord! Well, while on my way to work I was listening to my favorite radio station Q90.1 and really thanking God for this station praying with them, worshiping it always lifts my spirit and keeps me focused on Him. So while I'm listening, struggling, praying my way through I stop for my morning coffee .when I go to pay she says the person before me bought me my coffee have a blessed day! The tears would not stop I was sooooo touched by this act of kindness, I know God I have a personal relationship and in that moment He reminded me I am never walking alone...then the radio played Oceans (where my feet may fail) I love you Q90.1 and all the fabulous people you employ!!!With a grateful heart thank you!!

Cynthia - Leicester, MA

Praying to God we all can give more, glad to be back supporting you.

Linda - Whitinsville, MA

I really enjoy your station. It impacted me quite strongly one day last week. I was having an extremely difficult day, focusing in on the pain and anger of a situation. I was in my car, radio off, when suddenly the radio turned on. It was programmed to 90.1. I was out of range and only heard static. I turned the radio off and continued with my angry thoughts. The radio came on again. I thought how odd, turned it off and continued on with more anger. The radio turned on a third time. I tried to turn it off but it wouldn't shut off. I had to turn the volume all the way down. Sadly, I was so consumed by the situation that it took me several hours to realize God was trying to get my attention. I suddenly realized that my anger was static between God and myself. I know God was telling me to focus on him, not the situation. The next couple of days were very difficult but I kept my focus on God. The situation resolved itself. Thank you Jesus!