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Listener Stories

Here are a few of the stories we have received:

Jason C. - Charlton City, MA

I woke up this morning very tired and sore. Its been a long rough week. I left the house and got in line at Dunkin Donuts. I said a little prayer asking God to give me the strength to get thru the day and to brighten it up. I pulled up to pay for my coffee and she said I was all set. The people in front paid. I ask if it was just the person in front and she said no. It started earlier and everyone has kept it going. So did I. My day definitely looks brighter now ... and it kind of rejuvenated me too. Thank you for all your station does and thank God for everything He does.

Emmanuella - Worcester, MA

When I have heard this radio station for the first time in life, that was my friend Katia told me about it. My favorite song is "Oh Fear (My God is Near)" by Moriah Peters.. My Lord has been do so much in my life, and there are no words to express to say thank you to the Lord and for your station.

Paul - Danielson, CT

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can here this station on my iPhone & computer every were I go since you help me!

Michelle A. - Stafford Springs, CT

A few weeks ago I was so blessed to get a phone call from Jen at The Q, thanking me for my support this year and asking if there was anything The Q could pray about for me. What a God-send! I had literally JUST sent an email to my Pastor asking for him to pray for me regarding a promotion I had been offered at work. It would be a total career change and something challenging, scary, and exciting. I was seriously searching for God's wisdom and clarity before I made any decisions. The timing of that phone call was PERFECT! Jen prayed with me right then and there over the phone - what a beautiful divine appointment. I promised that I would follow up with The Q to let you know the outcome. = I have officially accepted the new position and I am super excited for this new phase of life God will lead me through. I continue to pray that the transition will be smooth and that God will use me however He sees fit in this brand new role. Thank you Q-Team for being a HUGE blessing to the community and for me personally! May God Bless you richly for all you do for The Kingdom!

Maureen G - Oxford, Ma

I am a Christian and God showed me this radio station. I know a lot of the songs now. I heard one just this morning and it was saying how God is always there for us. Right on cue as if from God himself a dove flew by my car. I cried I was so happy. Thank you for your radio station!!!

Herb - Spencer, MA

We enjoy your radio station very much. Your station does make a difference and we thank you for that! God Bless!

Matt W. - ,

I always listen to The Q90.1, it puts me in a good mood filled with positive energy to get through the work week!

Linda - Whitinsville, MA

I really enjoy your station. It impacted me quite strongly one day last week. I was having an extremely difficult day, focusing in on the pain and anger of a situation. I was in my car, radio off, when suddenly the radio turned on. It was programmed to 90.1. I was out of range and only heard static. I turned the radio off and continued with my angry thoughts. The radio came on again. I thought how odd, turned it off and continued on with more anger. The radio turned on a third time. I tried to turn it off but it wouldn't shut off. I had to turn the volume all the way down. Sadly, I was so consumed by the situation that it took me several hours to realize God was trying to get my attention. I suddenly realized that my anger was static between God and myself. I know God was telling me to focus on him, not the situation. The next couple of days were very difficult but I kept my focus on God. The situation resolved itself. Thank you Jesus!

Diane - Charlton, MA

We have been listening to your station and LOVE IT! Thank you and God bless you and all you do for the community!

Tyler - Holland, MA

Thank you for bringing a positive outlook and God's word!